KHM Electronic Fuel Injection System uses proven Plenum & Runner designs with a Fuel Air Spark Technology engine management system.

KHM Intake manifold is based on proven Plenum & Runner designs achieved through Flow studies and computer design programs. Final performance is tweaked with extensive live road testing and tuning.

FAST is a new engine management system from Fuel Air Spark Technology that elevates automotive and marine performance to a new level by taking precise control of an engine's operating parameters.

FAST is a true Speed-Density system that is offered as a base unit with several upgrade options and is engineered for maximum performance in a variety of engine management applications.

Included in the system is
C-Com, an easy-to-use software program that runs on virtually any PC and allows the precise calibration of all engine management functions.


Base unit will drive up to 8 high or low impedance injectors in bank-to-bank fuel injection mode. This mode fires at most, 2 injectors per side at any one time and will reduce fuel rail pressure fluctuations over batch fire mode resulting in better fuel distribution to all cylinders. Each injector is controlled by its own peak/hold driver.

Base Unit has 16 x 17 spark and fuel control matrices for ultra-fine control of the engine spark and fuel events.

Base Unit is fully upgradable. Systems can be later updated for sequential fuel injection, closed loop - wide band O2 sensor fuel control and individual cylinder fuel and spark trim.

Waterproof enclosure allows for under-hood mounting.

EMI Hardened Design. This system was designed to be immune to the electromagnetic interference common to hi-energy ignition systems.

True Speed-Density algorithm greatly reduces calibration time and improves idle characteristics with big injectors.

Compatible with most crank triggers and ignition systems.

2 Stage wet or dry flow nitrous control.

Hi-speed communication from ECU to host PC.

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Sequential Fuel Injections mode. This mode will allow the sequential firing of each injector once per combustion cycle.

Wide-Band O2. This option allows closed loop operation of the fuel control to user programmed air/fuel ratios over the entire operating range.

Individual Cylinder Spark/Fuel Control. Allows the user to trim the fuel flow and spark timing on each cylinder, providing maximum engine efficiency and increased immunity to detonation.


KHM Electronic Fuel Injection System

Add a Vortech centrifugal supercharger and get up to 50% more horsepower and torque. In our tests, we actually achieved 77% more horsepower and 51% more torque!

Centrifugal superchargers are the most modern design and most efficient type of supercharger. They use bladed impeller and rotate at speeds over 40,000 RPM in many cases to accelerate and compress the incoming air. The normal efficiency range (45% to 80%).

KHM uses V-1 S-trim in satin or polished finish. Custom mounting bracket and bypass Valve package eliminates surge (noise heard during deceleration) and reduces heat soak in the discharge tube.

Benefits of supercharging:

* Vast increase in torque and horsepower for more towing or going.

* OEM fit finish and appearance.

* Supercharger has a 1 year limited warranty on non-racing supercharger system.
E-Mail for pricing, installation and/or delivery details.