Building the Grand Mercedes Benz SL600
When I confronted Paul Bracq, the designer of the Grand Mercedes Benz 600 in September of 2009 with the question as to how he would envision an MB 600 coupe or convertible, he replied “why not?”. Emboldened, I requested a design concept and out of the five renderings received, design number five had been chosen as the least complicated.

Donor cars: a 2002 Mercedes Benz SL600 Silver Arrow with 35,821 miles and a 1965 Grand Mercedes Benz 600 parts car.

When one follows the photo construction sequence it becomes obvious that the building had not been a “least complicated” undertaking it had been a Grand Mercedes Benz challenge! We hope you like the outcome, the Bracq design was started on October 20, 2009. Construction started February 4, 2010 and the Grand Mercedes Bens SL600 Silver Arrow V-12 rolled off the “assembly-line” July 29, 2010. Enjoy! ~
Karl H. Middelhauve