81,712 Miles
MB050 White
Factory Air Conditioning
This is a true one-owner delivered to California with original title dated 01/30/1971.

Car painted MB050 White with MBTex 140 cognac interior and matching carpeting. The owner had special floor mats made
in the same material as the carpeting - both are in like new condition.

In like new condition is also the wood trim. A white steering wheel compliments the interior. The paint is spotless original, the
chrome bright work the same. This automobile has ALWAYS been garaged, unaffected by sun-ray burn out.

When you view the slide-show, please note the spotless under carriage, door sills, floors with a hint of cosmoline wax and the
inspection markings on the coil springs. We only cleaned this auto - no paint touch up anywhere. You are looking at original
paint surfaces.

What we replaced:

* Brake lines
* Boge rear axle compensator
* All 4 shock absorbers
* Steering shock
* Tie rods
* Center link

We installed:

* Fresh battery
* New points
* Spark plug wires
* Cap and rotor
* Bosch spark plugs
* Relays
* Fan belts

Many of these items were not necessary but we wanted to match the mechanicals with the overall beautiful condition.

Every maintenance and service record come with the car - ranging from 1971 - 2008.

The asking price of US $28,000 is high but this 280SE is just in absolute breathtaking condition and you pay for an original
like new Mercedes Benz.

There is only one word that would describe this car - STUNNING.