To the left, a 1972 600 SWB receives much needed attention on the lift. In the background is Grand Mercedes 000008, one of the oldest 600 autos painted factory two-tone (anthracite metallic with a black roof ordered and driven by "General Director Walter Hitzinger" of Mercedes Benz). This Mercedes went back to Germany and is in the loving care of a fervant automobile collector.

MB Grand 600 Restoration, formerly of Woxall, PA is now located on T-7821 Quarry Road in Wausau, Wisconsin and caters to the Grand 600 and 300SEL 6.3 automobiles.
Karl Middelhauve also maintains a large private collection of M-100 powered SWB & LWB automobiles. In addition two Paul Bracq designs, the infamous Benzomino & El Benzo. Under his care you'll also find a 300SE Coupe with computerized fuel management and a 6.3 drivetrain and a 300SE convertible with a 325 HP AMG engine fitted with a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox. Modern electronic fuel delivery systems are timely improvements on these automobiles to obtain better/cleaner performance and substantial fuel savings.

Restoration projects are taken in when Karl is not working on his own cars and might take many months - patience is the key to quality and being awarded with prizes at many Mercedes Benz meets. We restore and repair with genuine Mercedes Benz parts or Mercedes Benz reconditioned parts out of our extensive inventory of new and 14 Grand 600 parts cars.

Any questions? We are in reach of your phone. Just dial (715) 848-5443.
MB Grand 600 Restoration is located on the North side of Wausau, Wisconsin on Quarry Road - called years back "Whiskey Road".

It is quite a rural stretch where the 'Hobby Shop' of Karl Middelhauve is located. Karl has worked, during the last 20 years, on over 200 Grand 600 Automobiles and has taken by now 14 Grand 600's apart for parts inventory. We do not junk these beautiful cars, we lay them to rest - carefully refurbishing the parts, nuts and bolts. Needless to say, our inventory is extensive of quality used and new Grand 600 parts.
Fate so has it that the shot glasses in the late 600 models are called "Mercedes Benz Whiskey Glasses". Before we continue, let's have a toast to the 2,677 Grand Mercedes Benz Cars that were built between 1964 - 1981.

A long sleeper in the collector market is waking up. We write this in 2008 while the factory has 5 Grand 600's in restoration. 15 Grand 600's are under restoration in various shops in Germany. No wonder - there is nothing equal for the serious Mercedes Benz collector, the name is
Grand 600.
Restoration covers all aspects of the Grand 600 - paint, upholstery, wood refinishing, engine and transmission rebuilding, driveshaft, front and rear axle and exhaust system.

Service is important to maintain the value of your investment and for safety on the road. We check the brake fluid of it's consistency, recommend oil/filter change every 3,000 miles, inspection of the hydraulic functions, adjust/check the air suspension system, check wheel alignment, shocks, driveshaft vibration and exhaust system, besides timing and the fuel injection system.